The Hawaii Bios Reader tool is for developing Bios.

Before working with the utility, make a backup copy of the original BIOS on the video card for each switch position.

Edit copies of the original BIOS so that you always have the original unedited BIOS that you can use if something goes wrong.

You don’t need to flash two BIOS positions at once, in this case you can boot from the other one if something goes wrong.

After you have changed the BIOS, make a copy of it and after correcting the checksum on one of them using the HawaiiReader utility. Compare the 2 copies using the compare function in the hex editor to find out only the checksum that changed before flashing.

Hawaii Bios Reader tool settings

Supported cards

The Hawaii BIOS Editor supports editing the BIOS ROM of GCN2 generation GPUs, namely Hawaii and Bonaire.

  • R9 390/R9 390X 8 GB
  • R9 290/R9 290X link 4GB/8GB
  • Reference R9 295X2 (no fantasy yet)
  • 7360 rand
  • R7 260/R7 260X
  • HD 7790
  • Fire Pro W9100
  • Fire Pro W8100

In case of downloading an unsupported ROM, there is a chance to continue anyway, use at your own discretion.

Standard Hawaii XT:

  • DPM0 = 300 MHz – 0.96875 V
  • DPM1 = 516 MHz – 1.01875 V
  • DPM2 = 727 MHz – 1.05000 V
  • DPM3 = 840 MHz – 1.07500 V
  • DPM4 = 890 MHz – 1.10000 V
  • DPM5 = 936 MHz – 1.12500 V
  • DPM6 = 977 MHz – 1.18750 V
  • DPM7 = 1000 MHz – 1.21250 V

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