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Xspectar, a Web3 product built on the distributed ledger XRPL, is now offering customers the ability to purchase virtual land in their Metaverse using XRP, the sixth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The platform offers collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), games, and more in a virtual universe.

XRP as a Payment Option

In a recent tweet, the xSPECTAR team announced the details of their pre-sale of digital land in the Metaverse. XRP can now be used to purchase virtual land and for other purposes in the virtual world, including communication, gaming, and business.
Developers have also offered various options for XRP usage, such as using credit cards and the XSPECTAR blockchain’s native token, for purchasing digital land. The creators of this project have assured that this move will attract more new users to the digital universe.

Future Prospects

The creators noted that the real-world application of XRP is becoming widespread and that this virtual currency has enormous potential. The Metaverse’s founders also emphasized that XRPL opens up unique opportunities for further development in the Web3 sector.

XRPL Hooks V3 Update

Earlier, XRPL Labs developers announced the closing of the Hooks V2 test network, with the process slated to end on May 14, 2023. They noted that Hooks v3 was in perfect working order, and Evernode had successfully transitioned to it.
Hooks v3 is the latest version of the XRPL smart contract network, currently undergoing beta testing. Hooks are small, efficient pieces of code defined in an XRPL account that allow for logic to be executed before and/or after transactions.

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