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Enthusiasts in the crypto space are captivated by the potential of TURBO, a new memecoin powered by the advanced AI language model called ChatGPT. TURBO stands out as a unique digital asset with a community-driven approach and a decentralized structure.

Prominent Investors Showing Interest

TURBO has already garnered attention from well-known investors. BTC12 Capital (leishen.eth) spent 600 ETH, equivalent to $1.14 million, to acquire 645 million TURBO tokens at a rate of $0.001773 on May 6th and 7th. RookieXBT also invested 48 ETH ($71,000) to purchase 61 million TURBO tokens at a price of $0.00146, despite previously experiencing a loss of 10 ETH ($43,000) with TURBO.

Turbo price

The Unique Technology Behind TURBO

One of the most distinctive aspects of TURBO is the technology behind it. ChatGPT was utilized to develop almost all aspects of the memecoin, including its tokenomics, technical whitepaper, roadmap, and concept. Leveraging the advanced AI language model has allowed TURBO to emerge as a truly innovative and forward-thinking digital asset. Furthermore, the fact that the AI-based language model has no financial stake in the digital asset adds trust and transparency to the project.

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